My first weekend
Hello, It's fine day.
It's has been just a week since I came here. I have to keep in another diary everyday for my homework,
so did not write this diary everyday. When I had arrived, I was worried about living Philippines, but
I have been already used to living.
There are a lots of woman in Philippines. I hear the amounts of woman's population account for 70 percent of total population.
They are beautiful. What a wonderful country! Today is weekend, I wonder I head out to night club... just kidding!

the power of Music is great
Hello, it is very rainy today in Philippines. I heard a typhoon is getting closer to here.
I had my first class today. The teacher's name is Gilbert. He is a Filipino.When I had introduced myself to him, He was very excited, and said "You are good student!"It's because he is guitarist. He likes ska, rock, reggae, and so on.
We sang together "The long beach dub all stars" and "sublime".
His favorite band is "Andrew W.K". Anyway, we are enjoyed singing a lot of songs.

I'm happy to know people can have a conversation each other without speaking English.Music has no border!
developing country
Today, I went to "SM mall" that is a shopping center. I found boys smoking on the way to the shopping center.
They look so young, maybe they are about 10 years old. It is surprising sight.
The polution of Philippines is getting worse, in particular, air pollution is terrible. It stinks so much.
For one things, There are a lot of diesel cars, if anything, there are only diesel cars.In addition to, they seemed to be about to break down. They are of bad quality.These things make me think Philippines is a developing country, even though I had understood before I come here.

Ok, let's change the subject.
Prices is half as cheap as that of Japan.
It is very reasonable.
Coca-cola having a capacity of 1.5 liters is 100yen!

Not all things go well
I've just arrived at Philippines, but some accidents had happened until the airplane got there.
About 30 minutes before the airplane arrived at Manila, captain Gomez said,
"We are not able to make a landing because of numerous traffic jam in the sky of Manila."
"What? What is happening?" I thought.
Then the airplane did circuitous flying over and over for a while.
After that, captain Gomez said "We are not allowed to land at Manila, and from now on head for Cebu to refuel, I'm sorry."
I am so shocked. It takes 2 hours to go back and forth between Manila and Cebu, so Arrival time is quite delayed.
After all, Refueling took 2 hours, The airplane arrived at Manila 4 hours late. I'm very exausted.

I'm in domitory now. It is like a prison and located near the slums.
But this is what I hoped. I can't help but study.
I want to force myself into a hard situation.
I have to train mind and body!!!
I go to Philippines tomorrow.
... I have been thinking I write in a diary, but the diary was erased because of some error. I lost my will to write it.
This is why I don't get to like computers.

I wonder if I can upload this diary from tomorrow?